Low level at the start of recording

Can anyone help with a problem i am having when recording Voiceover ?,
I cant get the first second of the recording at the same level as the rest of the Voiceover,
It´s almost as if there is a rapid Fade In,
i have tried with various Compression and Limiter settings,

Many Thanks

I think you’re a victim of Windows Enhancements, but may not in the way you think.

I think your microphone system is very low volume which is normal for Home Microphones. I think when you start speaking, Enhancements wakes up to a volume mistake and over time corrects it by boosting the volume. So if you fix this problem, you will destroy your normal speaking volume. It will just stay low.

I would probably correct this anyway, because you have two problems.

I thought I kept a copy of the forum Enhancement Solution, but I didn’t. Google has some good solutions.

When you get that far, post back as we’ll work on ways to fix your low volume.



Try that.


Many Thanks :+1:
I am using a Complete Audio Interface and a Sennheiser MK4 microphone,
I will check out your link
Many Thanks for your help

Thanks once again,
I have turned off Enhancements and it has resolved the problem,


I’ve experienced this similar a few times when recording another chapter.
One moment the vol. is normal, me having to speak with the mic 3-4 inches distance.
The next, the mic right at my lips because the wave pattern suddenly changes, and I must readjust the normalization.
Idk. Totally weird, and I wasted time submitting feedback to Microsoft about it, as they’ve been inattentive over months.

Many Thanks for your reply,
Most Helpfull,

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