Low Guitar volume with Rocksmith.


I’m new to audacity and am running the latest version, in Windows 10.

My son is studying for his next music grading using a fender guitar, it’s attached to the PC with a Rocksmith USB cable.

He has dragged in the backing track with no problems and set the system so when he plays and records he can hear himself but the volume of the guitar is very low. The wave pattern is very narrow compared to backing track. Even with vol of guitar at max.

I’ve gone through control panel and set the mic level to max, recording level is 1/max.

I can’t find any other settings to change. How do I change the mix, so he can hear himself play more clearly ?

Help please, cheers in advance

That might just be a characteristic of the Rocksmith device… It also depends on the sensitivity of the guitar pick-up and how hard you strum/pluck. (Higher-end interfaces have a gain control.)

Do you have a separate recording of the guitar? If so, use the Amplify effect to boost the level after recording and before mixing. You can also use the Amplify effect to reduce the level of the backing track.

BTW - The levels of the individual tracks should peak at around -6dB (0.5) before mixing. Mixing is done by summation and if you don’t “leave room”, you can get clipping (distortion) when mixing.