Low frequency recording Serato pro

Hi all I’m recording mixes using Serato pro but when I play back the bass and low frequency is near non existent. Is anyone aware of how to solve this. Any help much appreciated. Cheers

You could be accidentally recording in mono …
Stop Windows turning your USB audio Mono: UCA202, 222 & more - YouTube t=51 s
In mono mixes the bass can disappear via destructive interference.

You may be recording through your computer’s mic rather than directly from the Serato Pro.
The best way to record from a Serato Pro is described on the Serato website: https://support.serato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202304684-How-to-record-and-share-your-mix-with-Serato-DJ

Are you saying that when you play directly from Serato it’s OK but it’s not the same after recording? And you are playing back on the exact same hardware setup?

You can also get bass cancellation if your left & right channels are out-of-phase (if one channel is inverted relative to the other).

That can happen acoustically (sound waves in the air) or it can happen digitally or electrically when the out-of-phase waves are mixed to mono. If that happens electrically or digitally the entire “center” is cancelled and you usually get a “vocal reduction” effect. If it’s the soundwaves in the air it mostly affects the bass.

Are you recording with Audacity set to “loopback”?

Tell us about your setup. Are you listening to speakers? If the waves are canceling in the air, they won’t be cancelled with headphones (because the left & soundwaves don’t mix). If the cancellation is happening electrically or digitally then it will also happen with headphones.

Are you playing files from the computer with Serato or is the sound coming-in from turntables or CD players, etc?

There may be more questions…

Thanks for the reply I really appreciate it. Yes, I am mixing using technics 1200 and numark scratch mixer. The mixer connects via usb to the laptop and searto pro. I am streaming music from tidal through Serato pro. When I’m mixing through the laptop, mixer and ultimately my speakers all sounds perfect but when I record using audacity it’s super tinny with all bass lost and I think it may be mono.

Thankyou, I was super hopeful this would work but hasn’t seemed to. It’s strange because the sound from my speakers is perfect however when I record bass is lost and does seem as if it may be mono

This is weird because with most mixers the USB output is the same audio as the analog output… And Audacity simply has to “capture” that digital audio stream.

Oh… Make sure Windows “Enhancements” are disabled. Sometimes Windows is trying to “improve” voice communications. Audacity doesn’t monkey with the sound while recording but sometimes Windows does.

And when it works perfectly, you’ve got the speakers hooked-up the same way to the computer? Through same amplifier or with powered speakers? The only difference is you switch the software between Serato and Audacity?

Both Windows and Audacity should be set to stereo…

Try this - Try unplugging the left or right connection from the turntable. If it plays back from both sides it’s mono. And if the bass comes back with only one channel connected that confirms a phase/polarity inversion of one channel.

Thankyou so much, I will try this tomorrow as baby in bed now!

THANKYOU !!! this has solved my problem. By removing the sound enhancements. Only taken me two months but very pleased to be recording with proper quality. Really appreciate all help here guys.

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