Low Buzzing Sound

Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum but, have used Audacity for a few years.

I’m trying to record my vinyl collection and when I connect my computer, I get a low constant buzzing sound. I thought I had a microphone open but, when I close everything I still get e buzzing sound.

Any suggestions to fix this issue? Thanks in advance. JD

If the buzz is not too loud the try [u]Noise Reduction Effect[/u]. (If the noise is bad Noise Reduction can give you unwanted side-effects.) And if the buzz is really bad, like as loud as the music, you’ve probably got a broken ground in your audio cable.

… You said “low”, but I’m not sure if you mean low-level or low-pitch. :wink:

Usually a hum or buzz is from the AC power lines all around you. The noise can be picked-up through the phono cartridge or preamp, or sometimes it gets-in through the preamp’s power supply. Sometimes moving the turntable (or simply rotating it) or moving the wires will help. If you have unshielded cables, simply putting your hand near the cables will usually make it worse and if that happens you should replace the cables.

…It’s analog and there’s always some hum & hiss from the preamp, and of course some “snap”, “crackle”, and “pop” from the record…

NOTE - Only analog cables pick-up AC buzz/hum. If you’ve got a USB turntable, the digital USB connection is immune to hum. (You can still get hum but it’s getting-in on the analog side.)

Is this a turntable that’s hooked-up to your stereo, and if so are you hearing the buzz from your stereo or only through the computer?