Catalina 10.15.7, Audacity 2.4.1:

I have a recording where a females conversation among a man’s narration is much quieter than the male’s narration. Is there anyway to “standardize the loudness” not just increase everything, but make all sound on the track to meet designated loudness, or am I stuck choosing the softer areas and increasing them alone? I don’t want to lose fading into and out of passages. Is this possible or am I just not understanding sound tracks? Will I have to go into each softer area of track individually?

“standardize the loudness”

There’s Level Speech.


Did one of your microphones stop working? What’s the show? Three way discussion? Neighborhood podcast?

Are you trying to record a Zoom or other on-line conversation? That can be crazy hard to do well and it is recommended you let Zoom do it. They have tools and processes to record their connections.

As you may have noticed, if the volume differences are too great, there will be background pumping and surging and even if you did get everything “evened out,” you still won’t end up with a good presentation. You might end up with more of a eavesdropping, spying, or surveillance sound.