Lost KEY recording

Did something… Who knows what.
And now I can’t see the audio track soundwave. It’s there–you can hear it–but I need to see it, and then clip off (delete?) the pre-recording and post-recording crowd noise.



Were you messing around in the _DATA folder? The first two AU files in the _Data folder are the keys for the blue waveforms. Without those, the sound will be there, but no blue waveform.

Try saving the project again. If it’s a relatively simple stereo show, I would totally Export As WAV to get a single stable sound file before there’s any more damage. Right now you have a damaged Project and the next step for a crumbling Project is no show.


By the way, for better response, I would post in the forum for your computer type and version of Audacity. You posted in the forum where we discuss the size of the forum fonts. Do you like the blue forum background? How about the smileys? Do you think we have enough? Add any?