Lost Data?

Hi all. Desperate newbie here.

Windows 7 Professional. Service Pack 1. 64 bit OS.

I clicked ‘Recent Files’ and tried to open a file I have been working on. Although I haven’t worked on this particular file for 7 days. Date modified 13-Feb-18 5:47PM 79.1KB. The following messages appeared.

Error Opening Project
Couldn’t find the project data folder: “First Half ASZ and ASZ Amped and Floating and LGI and ACYL and Thunda and Inter and BV1 – 12_data”

Error Opening Project
Could not load file: “E\ACSL OVERALL FOLDER\ACSL OVERALL FOLDER\ACSL MUSIC FILES\First Half ASZ and ASZ Amped and Floating and LGI and ACYL and Thunda and Inter and BV1 – 12.aup”

The Audacity file now no longer appears in my ‘Recent Files’ but the folder still exists in my E drive but its modified date is 11-Jan-18 10:15pm File Folder 470MB 439 Files 4 Folders. (Read Only)

Is this project lost? Can I restore it from the data folder which still exists.

I hope I have included enough information for someone to assist me.

Thanks in advance.


Mine did this last night! I lost an entire day’s worth of work after saving several times throughout the day! My other files open, but not that one! I actually cried! It’s also begun stopping randomly during playback, which it didn’t do before yesterday as well.

Oops. Using Audacity 2.1.3.

What is your “E” drive?

Note that network drives are not the most reliable, and when writing thousands of files at the same time (as is typical of an Audacity project), it’s easy to miss warnings about one or two bad writes (that can be devastating for the project). If “E” is an external drive, try copying the entire project (the .AUP file and the “_data” folder) to your local drive and then try opening from there. Take care to note exactly any error or warning messages.

Thanks Steve.

Yes E is external hard drive.

I took your advice and just moved aup ‘A’ file to pc hard drive and same error message came up. I then moved the folder over as well but it still wouldn’t open. Then I moved a more recent aup ‘B’ file over and it wouldn’t open. Then moved the folder ‘B’ for that corresponding file over and ‘B’ did open.

No luck with first project. I had regularly opened the aup file and listened to the whole thing a number of times in the 7 days since it was last edited. But today no go. I have seen no messages come up suggesting any problems.


Thanks for taking the time to reply.