Lost audio warning

What can I do to prevent this issue. I am using MacOS Ventura

Recorded audio was lost at the labeled locations. Possible causes: Other applications are competing with Audacity for processor time You are saving directly to a slow external storage device.

I’ve quit other applications with no success. Audacity is saving to Desktop computer.

I’m a Windows guy, but…

You can try increasing the Buffer Length.

And if you are recording at a high sample rate, try lowering it to 44.1kHz or 48kHz.

Some people get results by temporarily turning-off their virus protection or Wi-Fi.

Your operating system is ALWAYS multitasking and interrupting, even if you are only running one application. That’s why there are buffers that allow the audio to flow smoothly in-and-out.

And… the other application,/process/driver doesn’t have to be hogging a lot of total CPU time… It only has to hog it for a few milliseconds too long and you get buffer overflow (recording) or buffer underflow (playback) and a glitch in your audio.

Those are the numbers in settings that I have
100 buffer length
-130 for latency

OK, try a buffer length of 200, or maybe more.

The only downside to a bigger buffer is (usually) more latency (delay), which makes it difficult to perform when monitoring yourself through headphones with a delay. (100ms is long enough to notice and be a problem.)

Otherwise there is (usually) no downside to a bigger buffer. (Sometimes there are unexpected-unexplained results and a bigger buffer makes things worse.)

(Latency compensation is only used to automatically sync a recording with a backing track and you need to compensate for the recording and playback latencies.)

…A buffer is also a delay.

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