Lost audio signal

Currently using Audacity on my desktop with Windows XP. Have had Audacity installed for some time and all has worked well as I am transferring LP’s to digital recordings. Suddenly, I seem to have lost all audio signal from my turntable. I have noticed that the microphone now shows that it is ON when before it wasn’t. I don’t know if this has any bearing on the issue or not but I really need to get the program restored so I can continue with the transfer. It is now as if there is no audio signal coming through the program at all. Can anyone help?

You can use the Audacity Devices Toolbar to switch Audacity to your turntable. You didn’t tell us how your turntable is connected, so the switch will depend on that info.


If that fails, you may need to close Audacity and select the turntable in the Windows Control Panels.