Loss of data when downloading file from dropbox


i recently installed audacity 2.3.0 on a windows 10, and my friend sent me an .aup file + the data folder for me to continue her editing work.
i moved both the project file and the data folder in to the audacity folder created on this computer, but when i try to open the file, it will not find the audio data blockfiles.

it tells me i can try to find and restore the missing files, but how is this done?

Or is there some other way i can arrange the folders/files so that audacity can find them. where can i have gone wrong?

The .aup file and its data folder were uploaded and downloaded separately. can that be the issue?

Thanks for any help with this

Audacity is not designed to work over a network. Attempting to do so is very likely to cause errors.

If you wish to use dropbox for storing Audacity projects, I’d suggest that you do it this way:

  1. Save the project and close Audacity (this will allow Audacity to clean up and remove old “block files”)

  2. Make a ZIP archive containing the .AUP file and the “_data” folder (it is essential that it contains both the project file AND the project’s “_data”).
    The program “7Zip” is a very good (and free) program for making ZIP archives.

  3. Make a backup copy of the project - “cloud” storage is not always reliable. I would not trust it for important work.

  4. Upload the ZIP archive to dropbox.

Then when you need to work on the project again:

  1. Download the ZIP archive from dropbox

  2. Extract the ZIP archive to your hard drive.

  3. Open the extracted project.