Looping section and lost loop repeat with export

So I’m trying to create audio to accompany a role playing game I am GMing to enhance emersion. And, since the length of scenario sections are impossible to determine I would like to create loop playbacks for smaller files, instead of having to just create a massive file that I hopefully don’t reach the end of before I’m ready to move on, which would also save me a lot of extra work.

2 questions…

1.) First, when you create a section loop in the middle of an audio file, how do you get it to play through the loop to the end of the file and then return to the middle section and just loop that part endlessly afterwards?

2.) Second, I’ve created an audio file that has an intro and loops the rest of the audio endlessly. When in audacity, it plays through the entire file and returns to the beginning of the loop and plays endlessly. But, when I export it and put the file on repeat with media player it plays the intro with each play through. Is there a way to export my file so that it will only repeat the looped section after the intro?

Thank you very much in advance,

Hello. I have the same problem - loop area is not exported to .wav file.

I’m importing the file into the Unity Editor, but the audio file plays without a looped region, that is, it plays from beginning to end all the time.

Using the audio editor Wavosaur, I was able to export the file with a looped area and Unity played it correctly. But I would very much like Audacity to have such a function. :grinning:

Audacity version: 3.3.2.
OS: Windows 10.