Looping, HUH?

Okay, like probably most of us, I am a one man band. When I create songs, It is hard to play something over and over again without making a mistake. Like if I have a song with a simple drum beat, Is there a way to have the drum beat loop, but stay on beat with the rest of the song. Lets say I have a song. It is really long, and is missing one simple thing, a drum beat. Could I just record the beat once, then loop it and then it would stay on beat with the rest of the song? Sorry, may be confusing. Is there a plug-in for this?

Yes, by repeating it on the track.
There are several ways to do this - the most obvious way is to just copy and paste the “loop”. The usual Ctrl+C (Copy) and Ctrl+V (Paste) keyboard shortcuts can be used.
A quicker way is to use “Repeat” from the “Effect” menu.

If you are creating the loop yourself you can test your loop points by pressing SHIFT+Spacebar to “loop play” the selected audio.

I would highly recommend using Audacity 1.3.12 for any type of music production projects as it is a lot more functional than the old 1.2.6 version.

If you have a loop that has a “decay” (for example a resonant drum or a cymbal) at the end and you want that decay to be included in each loop (and at the end) you could try one of the “Looper-Echo” plug-ins on this page: Nyquist Plug-in: THE KRONx ECHO LOOPER - #2 by steve
If you use either of the two plug-ins on that page, after using the effect please leave some feedback for the plug-in developers on that forum page.

Hiya Lukey,

One continuous beat might be a bit boring mate - trying adding a few different loops that suit the dynamics of your tune (if it has any :wink: ) A cheapo guitar multi-fx pedal will give you a reasonable sounding set of very basic rythyms if that’s what you’re after.

Are you using Audacity to record the entire piece or just the loops? Only asking as if you’re using other software to record (say GarageBand or whatever), there may be differing methods of repeating your loops (as in the case of GarageBand where you just drag / stretch a loop to where you want it to end). Anyway - good luck with your project.