Looping has a POP noise [solved]

So, I’m trying to create a simple noise loop for an engine. It’s pretty constant, and the length hardly matters. It just has to be able to loop. Problem is, every time the clip loops, there’s a very distinct pop noise. I know this pop isn’t part of the audio, because it doesn’t matter where I cut the loop, it always pops when it jumps back to the start.

For example-
This pops at the end of the clip if I play the whole thing… but it also pops if I just loop this, and there’s definitely no noise like that in the audio itself.

So it’s got to be an artifact of how the looping is being done.

Export format doesn’t matter. The popping happens when playing it in Audacity itself, and still shows up in any export.

I have as long of an audio sample as I need for this, but honestly, if it weren’t for the pop, I could probably get away with a second-long loop. It’s just a propeller droning noise.

Cut at the zero crossings.

Thank you. I was trying to do this, but there weren’t any zero points shared between the two channels that Audacity could find. I settled for merging it down to mono and the zero points worked fine.

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