Loopback from Melodyne to Audacity?

Hi :slight_smile:

I want to record from Melodyne, Sound Forge, or any DAW using loopback.
I have loopback selected and it works great for youtube but… not with any other sound editors.



Audacity cannot ship with ASIO support (licensing reasons), so it cannot be used with ASIO applications.

Hi Steve.
Thanks for the quick reply.
Bummer… any idea of an alternate way?
Thanks again.

Record with the DAW.

… :-/

I want to record the “scrubbing” sound that Melodyne makes while moving the cursor.
I can’t do that in any daw.

If you have a soundcard or interface with line-in you can use an external loopback cable from line/headphone-out to line-in. (You’ll need a Y-splitter to connect speakers/headphones at the same time.)

Yeah, I can do that but it’s a bit annoying switching the cables every time.
However, it seems I’ll need to do that.
I was really hoping Audacity would work for this :frowning:
It’s great for web recording though :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help!