Loop set to #/times

Good Afternoon,

I am using audacity to repeat a section (via loop) of stanzas for a poem. And I wish that there was a way to set the number of repetitions for the section set to loop.

Thank you.

Audacity already has Effect > Repeat… where you specify the number of repeats, so are you asking for the number of loops when you SHIFT-click the Play button, and then playback stops after that number of loops?

If no response, we assume yes.


Good Morning. Hmm - I just want it to repeat “x” number of times for the selected section, during playback only, and not create additional ‘repeats’ during the track itself. This is a memorization method that I am using for each line/stanza/verse, and I have labeled each section in the track itself:

Stanza 1a
Stanza 1b
Stanza 1
Stanza 2a
Stanza 2b
Stanza 2
Stanza 1 + 2
Stanza 3a
Stanza 3b
Stanza 3
Stanzas 1 - 3

etc., and the poem is 61 lines long.

I need a LOT of repetition (anywhere from 100 - 500 repetitions for each stanza for short-term memory; and for long-term memory, another 100 to 500 repetitions, once the 61 lines are learned, or even up to 1,000x if needed) to “over-memorize” it, especially because it is in Arabic. I have to recite it with perfection to pass a test for certification. Figuring out a way is important for me because I have other poems to memorize, one with 160 lines, and then another one that is longer. What do you suggest, please, as I am novice user of audacity.

Thank you!

There is nothing you can do except hold SHIFT on your computer keyboard while pressing the Play button (or hold SHIFT while pressing SPACE) to start looped playback of the selection. Press SPACE to stop playback (or the yellow Stop button) when you have heard the loop enough times.