Loop play from cursor position?


I have a 1 min long sequence i need to make into seamless loop, and that requires me to listen to the last 2 seconds and the first 2 seconds of the clip and make adjustments.

How to i make Audacity play from the cursor position and then loop back to the start of the track?

Shift+space seems to start the track from the beginning and not the cursor for some reason, very odd when the normal behaviour of Play is to play from the cursor. It is completely futile to have to wait 1 minute until it reaches the critical loop point…

I also can’t seem to make a selection that has the first bit and the last bit selected only, which would have been another way to do it.

Am I missing something very obvious?

Thank you

Use the “Timeline Quick Play” feature: Timeline - Audacity Manual

i read through the timeline manual, however didn’t find an answer there at first (found it after, it’s just not very clear) - it appears to be simple enough, just start loop play and shift+click the place you want to start playback from, then it will timeline select the whole track and play from cursor

thanks :slight_smile: