Looking to hire audacity guru

I have used audacity several times over the years. With decent success but I recently bought a new mixer and equipment and I just cannot make recordings. I am looking for some one to one tutoring to get me up to speed and I am happy to pay. Is there someone I can connect with as I am starting to lose my mind with all my failed attempts to record vinyl mixes via audacity. Any help massively appreciated.

Thanks smashley

There are people on Fiverr who offer those $ervice$ …
[Caveat Emptor]

Thank you very kind of you Trebor i will enquire and see if I can get the help I need as I’m going round in circles.

The most likely problem is that you have a laptop with no line-input (normally blue on a regular soundcard in a desktop-tower computer).

It’s hard to beat the free help you can get from the volunteers here. :wink: Official support (for any software) is rarely a good as what you get here.

Sometimes I say, “If you want something done right, hire a volunteer!” :smiley: Or maybe I should say, “If you want some who cares, get a volunteer,”

I bought Pioneer DJM A9 and new Macbook using Audacity 3.4 I think and have tried to use just the mixer with USB cable but it don’t work then tried using USB with Yamaha Steinway ur 12 soundcard too but to no avail - installed all related drivers too. Also KRK speakers

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