Looking for an old Plug-in (BMP-Labels)

Hi Steve,

Quite a few years ago, you wrote a plugin called BMP-labels, do you know where to find it?
The original thread is :

However, only the link for the obsolete version works, not the updated one.

Basically, what I’m looking for is just to number the bars (measures), not worried about the beats.
Something like this:


The “latest version” works fine for me.
I’m testing with the default settings on Linux with Audacity 3.2.0 alpha.


Haa, I see the problem now, thanks Steve.

It must have been Chrome playing up.
Quit out of Chrome and restarted it, all good now.

Thank you, very handy plugin.
Certainly easier to reference a certain part of a song by bars and beats than by absolute time,
especially when working collaboratively.

BTW, don’t know if it’s only a “mac” thing, but it’s paranoid.
I get the following:
Screen Shot 2021-12-22 at 2.16.21 PM.png
Just ignore it, click on the down arrow and select “KEEP”.

Works a treat, thanks.

BTW, the empty labels are also great for adding short notes.

I think that was because it was a very old link, so used the old “http” address rather than “https”. I’ve now updated it to use https.

Yep, all good now, no security warnings with https.
Screen Shot 2021-12-22 at 2.29.55 PM.png