Looking for a specific plugin called Late Night P

I know for sure that it exists but does anyone have any idea where I could find it, or perhaps have a download link to it. Or any similar effects would also work. Any help is appreciated.

This is the best I can do … https://freesound.org/search/?q=urinate
without you telling us what “Late Night P” does.

:laughing: :laughing:

Perhaps the OP is looking for some kind of audio leveler/AGC to keep everything at a similar level or not as dynamic.
Some smart TV’s and sound bars have such a setting, stops you from having a heart attack when the sound track in a movie goes from two people whispering to the next scene of a bomb explosion.

Only thing I can think of.

Dell Audio calls it “midnight”.

There is a "midnight P"lugin, which is a ($130 :open_mouth: ) compressor …

[any dynamic-range-compressor would suffice … Compressor - Audacity Manual].

im not sure exactly what it is but it was used for vocal distortion (idk if thats the actual use)

Audacity comes with a range of distortion effects … Distortion - Audacity Manual

yeah but theyre not giving the specific effect I want, but im not sure how to describe the exact effect

“P” for Pitch-shift ? … https://youtu.be/cYxP5Ktm-F0

Nah I dont think so

How do you know?
Are you sure it’s called “Late Night P”?

yes, I had a video of a music artist I like specifically saying thats what he uses for vocal distortion

It seems that no-one here, or on reddit has ever heard of it, so unless you can find out from that “music artist” what they were talking about, it looks like you will need to use something else.

ik this is late but its called late night pee and its on the shred plugin (acmebargig) its a little hard to find but its for guitars and if you mess around with the cabinet settings.