Looking for a PPA that has 2.3.3 with mod script pipe enabled

I tried building it myself using steve’s instructions but didn’t have much luck unfortunately. Just hoping the person who runs the PPA could consider making a version available on PPA which has mod script pipe enabled.

Mod-script-pipe works in the current 3.0.3 AppImage.

Things that don’t work (for me) in the AppImage:

  1. FFmpeg (not recognized)
  2. Jack (not recognized)
  3. Translations (English only)

If those limitations are not critical for you, then you can get the Audacity 3.0.3 AppImage from the Audacity website: https://www.audacityteam.org/download/linux/

(Note that the Audacity 3.0.3 AppImage has update checking enabled by default, but if you can switch that off if you don’t want it in Preferences - there is a pop-up message on first run that has a link to the preference.)

Having recently upgraded from Debian 9 to 10.10.0, I can confirm the above.

  1. FFmpeg (not recognized)

Not a big deal, as can convert before importing.

  1. Jack (not recognized)

The jack thing is a real problem for me, so no go.
Audacity creates temporary PulseAudio connections which last only whilst playing back.
This is a problem for monitoring the output of Audacity on a Jack based system and
sending an audio feed from another connection/app to record in Audacity.

  1. Translations (English only)

Not a problem for me, but can see it as a show stopper for others.