Looking for a feature

Does audacity have a feature to make things go from echo’s, back to normal? Like:

Echo echo echo echo, echo echo echo, echo echo, echo, normal?

We can’t take echoes out of a track, but if you want a theatrical solution, you make two identical tracks one above the other. Apply echo to one as needed and then fade between them. Several tools can do this.

Echo, echo echo echo echo echo [Effect > Fade Out] nothing nothing.

At that exact same time

Nothing nothing nothing nothing [Effect > Fade In] echo-free show.


I have this awful feeling you want us to take recording in a barn and make it sound like a clean, clear studio.

Not so far. If you find someone who can do that, let us know, 'k?


Now that’s smart, and it worked!

No, just that’s sort of how I record :laughing: I just try to see random solutions for things.