Looking for a Distortion Effect for Vocals

Hey all, new to Audacity and forum, this is my first post. Im looking for a distortion effect something to the effects of “Filters” Hey Man Nice Shot, i need something to distort a chorus on one of my songs…any help would be great…also my band is http://www.reverbnation.com/goldensilvermusic
thanks guys, hopefully i can finally start recording some new music, its been like 8yrs and need to add some new music finally…Birk

Effect > Hard Limiter. Fuzz guitar for your voice.

Effect > Leveller.

Awesome thanks guys, hopefully i can try it tonight or tomorrow… thanks!!!

I have music on one of my tracks, the new track i put the verse, and then the next track i put the chorus which i am adjusting the Fuzz for the chorus, i previewed it and it sounded like i wanted and when i hit ok it deleted the whole chorus, i recorded it again and tried again and it did the same thing. Any ideas? Also how many tracks can you record per recording? Thanks

Could you give step by step instructions of how I may reproduce this problem.

That depends on the ability of the hardware. On my old laptop I can get about 50 tracks. Beyond that Audacity becomes rather sluggish and slow to respond.

ok thanks alot