Looking for a De-Reverb plug in


Been an Audacity user for a couple years and I’m familiar with the program but I’ve recently purchased the Kaotica Eye and moved out of my studio space. I now have to deal with echo, which I had no issues with before. Can anyone recommend a good, preferably free, de-reverb plugin?



I’m not sure that a “good” de-reverb effect exists, free or commercial.
I’ve had some success with the “deverb” effect in the experimental software “Postfish” (sadly no longer maintained), but hanging up a couple of rugs in the recording room works much better. Heavy removal blankets are also said to be good. Rugs / blankets are more effective when hung away from the wall rather than directly on the wall.

The Kaotica folks recommended iZotope’s De-reverb Plug-In. Any experience with it?

I’ve not used it myself, but there are several demonstrations on YouTube.