Long WAV file truncated [SOLVED]


I read the Wiki too late, and now I created a wav-file with a size of 20,3GB, length 68 hours. The project is already closed. I thought I could reimport the file in Audacity to cut it, but the shown section is only the first 2 hours I think. Does anyone know a way in Audacity or another free software, I can import such a big file and cut it?


If you have the 20GB WAV file, you can import it as RAW data.

You’ll need to know the bit-depth, sample rate, and number of channels. (WAV files are PCM encoded.)

If you know the above are correct and the imported sound is badly messed-up, you’ve most-likely guessed the wrong byte-order or the wrong offset.

The byte-order should default to whatever is correct for a WAV file. If the byte-order is wrong, the result will just sound like noise.

You don’t need to know the exact offset. Assuming you have a 16-bit file, an offset of 0 or 1 should “work”. If you have a 24-bit file, try 0, 1, or 2. If the file sounds like a bunch of noise, that could be the offset. With an offset of 0 or 1 (with 16-bits), Audacity will read the file header as audio and you’ll get a few milliseconds of noise at the beginning, which you can easily edit-out. The wrong offset can also cause the left & right channels to be reversed.

If the number of channels is wrong, the speed will be wrong but it will otherwise sound pretty-much OK.

If the sample rate is wrong, that will also only affect the speed.

Perfect Description, thanks, it worked!