Logo Design I made back in 2020

Hello, this is a custom Audacity logo design I crafted on October 27, 2020, (judging by the file’s creation date on my PC). It represents my personal reinterpretation of the iconic Audacity logo.

I had originally designed for personal use on my desktop however I’ve decided to share it with you today. The primary focus of my redesign was on modernizing the waveform element, which I felt looked somewhat outdated. I aimed to enhance its “legibility” from a distance while remaining faithful to the original design. This involved making the “waveform lines” larger and more distinctive.

I utilized the free image manipulation software, paint.net, to refine the logo with subtle adjustments, steering clear of drastic changes. And I still have the Paint.net file if you want to make changes to it yourself. Take a look and let me know your thoughts! Thanks.