Logitec USB H390 hum in mono recording Win10

Have hum in recording. Using Windows 10 on PC w/Audacity 2.3.3 with Logitec H390 headset plugged into a USB 4-port extender. I tried plugging in directly to a USB port, too. I’m clueless what to even look for in Audacity to turn off the hum, rid myself of it. There is so much to read, I’m overwhelemed. I’m using Audacity vs. Audition which has a gazillion whistles. SoundTrap wasn’t intuitive and was clunky for editing. Your suggestions, please. Thank you so much for helping beginners like me.

Noise is an analog problem. Somehow it’s getting into the preamp built-into your headset on the analog-side of the analog-to-digital converter.

It’s probably coming-in through the USB power.

Is it low-frequency power line hum or more of a high-frequency whine?

If it’s power-line hum and it changes when you move the mic around the room it’s getting picked-up electromagnetically through the air, and that might be caused by inadequate or defective shielding in the mic.

There is a (power line) hum filter but I don’t think it comes built-into Audacity so hopefully someone else can point you to it.

You can also try the regular [u]Noise Reduction[/u] filter/effect which works after you feed it a “noise fingerprint” (AKA a “Noise Profile”).

Thank you so much. I will try these suggestions.

There is a characteristic USB-mic noise which is like a mosquito.
There is a free plugin for Audacity which removes it : mosquito killer.

Seriously? Is that a real thing? Sounds too good to be true. I’ve been living under a rock.

Mosquito Killer is just a series of notch-filters …

Same principal as the vuvuzela treatment.

Wow, a video! I’m honored. Thank you so much for your serious help. [smiling]