login oddities on Firefox [CLOSED]

After launching Firefox and navigating to the forum page I see the following - note that it says “logout” where I would expect “login” and Quick links and the burger menu to the left are missing!
also note that I did not check any boxes on the login screen (“remember me…” and “hide my status…”) at last login.

After clicking on logout the expected “login” appears, also the Quick links and the burger menu on the left:
This is what I had expected at browser launch.

and after a proper login, here is how it should look like if there is a correct “logout” displayed to the right

This is on Firefox 63.0.3 with all (except 2) add-ons disabled. Chrome comes up OK, with the expected login view.

PS: I didn’t manage to embed the images directly into the post - the preview only displayed the word “image”. The files are available on Dropbox. How can I embed them directly in the post?

You need to upload the image to the forum (See the “Attachments” tab below the message composing windo), then you can use the “Place Inline” button to place the image at the required place in the text.

1 after browser launch.jpg
In the message composing window, the above image look like:

[attachment=0]1 after browser launch.jpg[/attachment]

To get some space above / below the image, use two empty lines.

Thanks for the report. I see this also happens in Chrome and Internet Explorer.
I have an idea what may be causing this, and will raise the matter with the System Administrator.

Ah - I see. I was wondering where I should put the pictures so that they also be available for good. Didn’t realize that attachment can be this upload.

Interesting enough, after taking a longer break today and then firing up FF again - it did show the “login” correctly at first shot.
But a few hours later it again showed “logout”…
And I didn’t observe this on Chrome (admitting I use it very infrequently).

I’ve heard back from the System Administrator. Apparently it’s a cache issue that he was already aware of but does not see a solution for. The cache is necessary because of the large amount of traffic to the Audacity websites. At least it resolves itself after clicking the link.

OK, that’s good enough for me.
Thanks for bringing this to the attention of the admin.