LogiLink cassete player

I am very much sure that I was using Audacity with LogiLink UA0156 cassette player over USB on earlier versions of macOS and on a different computer. But now - MacOS 10.15.4 and MacBook Pro (USB-C interfaces only) I can’t. Installation of Audacity 2.3.3 is done without any problems. When the player connected to USB it is detected by the system as well as Audacity as “USB PnP Audio Device”. But no sound is coming from it.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?


Is this one of those $40 cassette-to-USB thingies? I’m amazed you got it to work at all. Many people have come to this forum with problems getting those things to work with Mac. The “USB PnP Audio Device” is the clue.

On you on Catalina? Will Audacity record from the internal mic? There are problems authorizing Audacity to use audio input devices on Catalina. Version 2.4.0 will be out soon which will address that issue.

– Bill


Yes - indeed - it is this extremely cheap one - https://www.conrad.com/p/logilink-ua0281-audio-cassette-digitiser-1527728 - but frankly speaking, was working quite well for me.

Yes - I am on Catalina. And I am not able to record voice from internal as well as USB based mic. It means that I have to wait for 2.4.0.

Thank’s for advise


2.4.1 is working on Catalina with the player in question. I am not quite sure how it was in previous releases but during recording, I am able to switch on monitoring and I see it on the screen but I don’t hear the voice. Is any option to switch voice on? Playback on recorded track works very well


Have you checked the Transport > Transport Options > Software Playthrough option?

– Bill

Uff. Thank you. It is working now. It seems that I have to install the English version because Polish translation seems to be sometimes confusing - at least not so obvious

Thank you very much again