Log In copy

I was logging in and got another page that asked me if I wanted to copy my username and password. Is this legit?

Probably not.
If it happens again, please take a screenshot of the page and either post it as a reply, or send it to me as a private message so that I can give you a definitive answer.

The page is not showing up in my browsing history. And I elected to Copy my username and password. I thought it was coming from Firefox and that it would perform automatic log ins. But it’s not even doing that. Spose I should change my password?

I found the page again through my Audacity Control Panel. about:logins?filter=forum.audacityteam.org
It says Firefox Lockwise. What is it?

Firefox Lockwise is the password manager of the Firefox web browser. On desktop, Lockwise is simply part of Firefox; whereas on iOS and Android, it is also available as a standalone app. https://www.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/lockwise/

Now, I don’t remember how I got to that page again. It was through the User Conrol Panel in Audacity. What does Firefox have to do with this? I thought that Audacity was logging me in automatically there for the last month.

The Forum software:
When you log in to the forum, there’s an option: “Remember Me”.
If that option is selected, then a cookie is sent to your web browser which allows you to be logged in automatically when you visit the site until such time as the cookie expires or is cleared from your web browser’s cookie cache.

If you log out from the forum, or the cookie expires, or your browser cookie cache is cleared, or you log in from a different computer, or you use a different web browser, then you will need to log in again.

Web Browsers:
Most major web browsers (including Firefox and Chrome) have a built-in password manager. This allows the browser to remember log-in details for you.

When you visit a page that requires you to log in:
If the password manager does not have your log in details, then you will need to log in manually. When you do so, the log-in manager will ask if you want it to remember your log in details.
If the password manager does have your log in details, then it will enter your password for you after you enter your log in name.