locating specific word in audio file

Can Audacity find specific words in a audio file?


If you are looking for where repetitions of a word occur, there is some experimental code by Robert J.H. here that you could run in Effect > Nyquist Prompt… https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/need-pointers-on-adding-feature-to-search-pattern/33729/3 It finds sound occurring in the first 18000 samples elsewhere in the selection and removes other audio. It requires mono audio. It won’t work if the sound is mixed with different sounds in different places.

You could use Silence Finder or Sound Finder to label instances of the isolated word or words.

If you use it, don’t expect miracles and I expect it only works well for speech. It is looking for the same word based on intonation, so if the word is intoned differently elsewhere it won’t be found.


Hello, though Audacity is unable to find words in a specific audio file, it is possible to do so if you zoom out the selection and highlight manually the word you are looking for. In order to achieve this, you must be very accurate when selecting otherwise you might pick up something else that is not indeed a word. Best regards.