Live Voice Synthesizer?

I’m new to the program and I was wondering if I am able to record a live output of effects to one of the output I pick from the list (like a voice changer)

Audacity does not apply effect in real time.

Whether or not Audacity can record while another application (such as a voice changer app) is using live input (essentially the same as recording), will depend on how that other app is using the sound system. It may be possible to record a standalone voice changer app by setting Audacity to record the sounds that are playing on the computer (see: but it’s not guaranteed.

Thank you for your reply, Steve, I’ve been looking everywhere for a program that can do real-time effects with the same options as this program… do you know of any other software that can do this functionality?

It’s overkill for what you want, but Reaper can apply effects in real-time.