Live Recording Split Into Files

'Ello All

Can Audacity, or an add-on, be programmed to split a recording into files as it records. For instance, if i wish to set it to record a microphone input over 24 hours, can i set it to divide into 30 minute files? Reason being i can quickly load such file sizes into an editor to spot audio events at a glance. To load a file covering 24 hours tends to be cumbersome and time consuming in many audio editors, and sluggish to navigate within.

I’ve marked Windows 10 but ideally i would like to use my Windows 7 PC as a standalone recording station. However, if certain things only work on Windows 10 then, no problem i’ll us that. Haven’t downloaded Audacity yet but i will use the latest version 4.2.2

Many thanks in advance of replies.

OK change my OS to WIndows 10. I just downloaded the legacy version for Windows 7 and it crashed my computer with a BSOD upon first recording test.

So i will be using W10 and the latest Audacity version 2.4.2

programmed to split a recording into files as it records.

Audacity doesn’t make a very good surveillance recorder. It won’t do time stamps, either.


Short answer: No.

What you can do, is to split a very long recording into shorter sections.
A quick way to do that:

  1. If not already open, import the long recording.
  2. “Tools menu > Regular Interval Labels” (
    Create labels at intervals of 30 minutes, or however long you want your files to be.
  3. Export Multiple - based on Labels (