Live recording - applause too loud - vocals too quiet

I am very new here in the forum and have no experience with the Audacity tool. I have already used the search function to find an answer to my question, but unfortunately without success.
I made a live recording of a concert with my iPhone 13 Pro. I know that the iPhone is not the ideal recording tool, but the quality is enough for me. But now I have the problem that after a song the applause is so loud and the actual music can no longer be heard. When the applause and the cheering of the audience stops again, the music can be heard again. Is there a way to edit the sound file with Audacity so that the applause is quieter and the music can be heard? I suspect that will be difficult as I only have one sound track. But maybe there is a trick. As I said, I’m not very familiar with audio editing. Thank you very much for your help.

The Envelope Tool allows you to fade-up or fade-down sections of audio.

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