little clicks

I sought advice on this issue several months ago - I’m hoping that by now a solution has been found through new research and tests.

What is the cause of the little clicks underneath the recorded audio? They don’t come from the mic, as they appear in (for example) Zoom or Skype recording in the other person’s voice with my mic fully muted. Every so often the click is louder (and the spike bigger)

What causes them? is it Audacity? my computer’s audio card? Those that appear at the end of the words can usually be easily removed (cut out), but there are many which are embedded in the audio so well that can’t be cut out or eliminated through Click Removal. First of all, I’ve tried, and it didn’t work, and secondly - if I need to fine tune this tool and spend 5+ minutes on each click - it would tripple my post production time, as there are so many.

Grateful for any insight or updated advice.

It could be [u]dropouts[/u]. Dropouts are usually related to multitasking (and the operating system is always multitasking). Reducing the number of applications & background processes can help, and increasing the [u]latency/buffer length[/u] can also help.


I will run some tests with increased buffer /latency. My current settings are 100/-130.

While I’m not an audio engineer, these clicks sound to me like some sort of interference either positive or negative - i.e. wither a noise (click) is added OR the recording had a hickup and is missing a millisecond or two (guestimating :slight_smile: and the gap is compensated with a fill-sound - click.

Just my intuitive speculation.

Your signature says you are running Windows 8. So I’m a little surprised that you haven’t upgraded to Windows 10. What hardware are you using?

why is it surprising? :slight_smile:

I’m planning to buy a new PC in the next few months which will come with Windows 10. So far I had no need to upgrade to Windows 10.

what do you mean by what hardware? can you be more specific?

I know that this issue is not isolated to my computer, many people have the same problem - so rather than doing troubleshooting on my PC, I’d like to find out what is the cause of those clicks generically, and how to eliminate the cause (generically).

Unfortunately there are many things that can cause clicks. Some troubleshooting hints here: Missing features - Audacity Support

Unfortunately the most likely causes of your problem will be related to your computers specification and the specification of the devices you are using as your recording source. Windows 8 is one of the less common platforms and hints that you may also be using a computer which could have other limitations in its specification. It is more likely that someone on the forum will be able to help if you provide greater detail. Just as an example laptops and portable devices are often more prone to electronic interference and interference from their external power supplies.

Wow…that’s A LOT of checks and adjustments Steve…

ok, I have HP PC Pavillion 2013 make.
Intel(R)Core™ i7-3770 CPU @3.40Ghz 3.40 GHz
Sound card - NVIDIA High Definition Audio, IDT High Definition Audio CODEC
USB 3.0 - front (which I know does mulfunction from time to time. Swapping that whole part by HP will cost me around $200 so I’m not doing it given the plan to buy a new PC)
Mic Yeti Blu Pro via USB to PC

yes, it’s an old computer which is why I’m buing a new one soon.

Oh, had a new motherboard installed about 2 years ago when the electric switch (which powers the PC on start) blew up.

So, not being an audio engineer or an IT technician or engineer, and not having any technical audio training, the only thing in the hardware that I could logically blame is the USB port.

Don’t know what other tech specs I could give you…

looks like no one can offer help or solution.

that’s fine - I have found the cause.

we can close this thread.

Perhaps if you care to share the cause with us it might help someone else.

Erratic energy disturbing the electromagnetic field of my computer.

I was more focused this time and set the intention of no clicks.

I will share another finding for the benefit of others in a new thread.