Listening my record while singing


I scrolled a bit through the first pages and didn’t find a thread with my request, so I thought I just start a new one. I am generally not familiar with editing programs and I’m using 2.2.2 version of Audacity right now.

My problem is when I’m singing while weating my headphones to hear the instrumentals, I don’t hear my voice (not neatly at least). I’ve already tried to find anything in the settings, which allows me to listen while recording the new track, but I haven’t found something.

I hope one of you can help me!

Greetings, Maria

If you are using the sound card that is built into your computer, it is not possible to hear yourself through the headphones without it sounding like a delayed echo (which is fantastically off-putting).

To hear yourself through the headphones without a delay, you need to use a recording device that supports “zero latency monitoring” (most, but not all, USB microphone pre-amps have this).

The usual workaround for people that don’t have sound cards with zero latency monitoring, is to either adjust the headphone level so that they can hear themselves acoustically, or wear the headphones on one ear only.

Many professional vocalists prefer to work this way, even when using equipment that is capable of monitoring. There are even headphones designed specifically to be used like this: