LiquidSonic Reverberate CM plug-in doesn't work


I tried to use the de Reverberate LE convoluton reverb plug-in version in Audicity 2.1.
It was for free buth only availiable in 32 bits and it did not work properly. I upgrade Audicity
to version 2.2. In this version it did not work at all

In the latest Computer Music magazine I found a 64 bit version of this plug-in.
Although it shows 2 versions (32 and 64 bit) the 64 bit version is also installed in program (x64).
The dll file is installed in the plug-in the folder of audicity.
I switch the new plug-in on but do not see it in the list of activated plug-ins.

What cann be the cause??

I have removed the complete instalation of both applications including app-data, without succes

Who cann help



Audacity only accepts 32-bit VST plugins, even if you have a 64-bit Operating System.
And even then, only the older VST types are acceptable to Audacity : those earlier than VST3.

LiquidSonics “Reverberate LE” is from 2011 so old enough to work in Audacity …
''Reverberate LE' working in Audacity 2-2-1.png