Linux Version and hidpi

Hi everybody.

First of all, thanks for Audacity to exist.

I have a laptop (an alienware with UHD resolution (3840x2160) and an external screen with the same resolution (Wacom pro 16). Audacity looks really weird on it which is really a pity.

I’ve found some information suggesting that audacity would need to be compiled with wxwidget V3 which support hidpi in order for Audacity to have hidpi support. Please could you confirm this? If it is the case, any tutorial available? any PPA?

If not, is there any plan to have hidpi supported in the near future?

On the forum windows, I’ve seen a message saying that hidpi is not a priority as it may concern few people…

Well, MANY laptops have now QHD resolution or even like mine UHD. Almost all high end laptops have now these screen as an option, even laptops like lenovo T570. Without hidpi support, Audacity is hardly usable.

many thanks.

The current 2.1.3 (and the previous 2.1.2) versions of Audacity are built with wxWidgets 3.0.2, but that does not solve all of the high dpi issues.
There is still a lot of development work that needs to be done in order to fully support hdpi.
It is certainly an issue that needs to be addressed as hdpi displays become more common.

The software is hardly usable, but usable all the same.

At least, before fully supporting hidpi, would it be possible (like last dev version of gimp) to offer an bigger icon theme in the settings? I mean the possibility to switch between little to big icons? This would be already something really good and useful and would let us wait for full hidpi support. This should not be too difficult nor too time consuming to implement this feature.

Many thanks

Are you a software developer? Please feel free to send us a patch.

The “theme” support in Audacity has just had a major overhaul. There are still many tweaks required for the new themes. There is currently no documentation regarding the new theme code other than the code itself.

I’m a developer (mainly web, but not only), but not a C++/wxwidget developer.

How hard is it to have 2 icons sizes and un check box to have one or the other size of icons used? (I’m talking only about the tool bars, not the tools on the wave forms / cursors). Would it “break” the design? I can increase the size of the images and compile the software again and see how the design would be affected. I didn’t try yet.

Probably much harder than one might expect.
See here as an example:


We should have a look at his one:

the icons are loaded from here. Without changing much the code this could probably be possible to have an hidpi compilation option so that it uses bigger icons.

I will try to have bigger icons instead of the ones present in image folder and see how the GUI looks after compiling.