Line - IN recording

Used to be able to do this, but the later versions SEEM to have this feature missing.

Am I nuts, or is this to prevent copyright infringement copying of material?


You are a little economical with your English words.

What exactly are you doing and with what? Exact model numbers and versions are good.


Most laptops don’t have line-in (only mic-in and headphone-out). But, every soundcard (or soundchip) in a desktop or tower computer has at least 3 connections, line-in, microphone-in, and line-out (or line/headphone out).

There’s no copy protection on line-in.

Audacity can record from any audio-input for which you have a Windows driver.

[u]This page[/u] may be helpful.

It’s not unusual for someone to get a new laptop and it takes a while to find out that Stereo Line-In isn’t there any more. New machines are made so conferencing and communications are drop-dead easy, so Mic-In stayed around and the blue Stereo Line-In went away. Some machines force the Mic-In to try and pick up the slack, but nobody is throwing awards at the sound quality when they do that.

For perspective, the difference between Mic-In and Line-In is the same difference as between a flashlight and attached.

So we need an adapter so your flashlight can plug into those top wires. That’s not a problem is it?


Sorry for my lack of computer linguistic skills. At one time I was able to upload my old record collection via Audacity, but when I uploaded a newer version, the Line-IN function was no longer there.


…but when I uploaded a newer version, the Line-IN function was no longer there.

Same computer? Same operating system?

Does your computer/soundcard actually have a line in connection?

Does it show-up in Windows Control Panel? (On Win7, right-click the speaker/volume control icon and select Recording Devices to open the control panel.) If you see line-in, is it enabled?

You should be able to set-up Windows so that you can hear line-in from your computer speakers without running Audacity or any other application. The details of how to listen to line-in may depend on your version of Windows. It’s not necessary to do that in order to record with Audacity (Windows has separate recording & playback mixers) but that would help to confirm that your hardware & drivers are working.

Sorry for my lack of computer linguistic skills.

It’s not your linguistic skills… :wink: You didn’t give many details… You didn’t say what version of Windows you are using, or what version of Audacity you are using, and you didn’t say anything about your soundcard or hardware. I don’t know if you are using a laptop or a desktop/tower with a regular soundcard, etc…