Line in recording

I want to connect mu Korg EK-50 electronic keyboard to my Sterling H224 and then have the signal record to Audacity on my laptop. (I have been recording mics in this setup trouble free.)

At this time no signal displays in Audacity. I have a mono cable from the Left-mono output on the Korg and into the H224. Then a USB cable from the H224 to my laptop. I have the mic/line button on the H224 set to Line. The signal displays fine in the H224 but no signal displays in Audacity.

How can I get the signal to Audacity on the laptop?

The USB from H224 to laptop is for USB audio between the laptop and the H224. You will need to see these devices listed in Audacity Setup Audio and select it, then Audacity will detect the audio and record.
The mic/line is to tell the H224 what your input mic/device is. You are not using any analog out from the H224… just the USB audio out to laptop. Did you install the drivers for H224… and what is Audacity host… probably needs to be WASAPI

Are the meters on the interface showing a signal?

…Audacity and Windows shouldn’t care if you’ve plugged-in a mic or an instrument.

Installing the H224 driver was the key. After installing that I could select the H224 from Audio Settings > Recording > Device. Before installing that only “Speaker” and “Microphone Array” displayed in that dropdown. The keyboard is recording fine in Audacity now.

And yes the signal has always been lighting up in the H224. Thanks tons!