Line In recording humming/ buzzing

hello. On Audacity 2.3.3, I’m using windows 10 and a simple shoebox cassette player with the necessary 1/4 cable from earphone to line in on the back of the desktop. I tried ac and batteries in the player. The buzz is overpowering in the recording. You can faintly hear the desired audio. I’ve tried what seems to be the correct settings both in audacity and in the control panel. I’m out of things to try. If you can suggest anymore precise ideas, I would really appreciate it. thank you

The connection back there is blue, right, Line In, not pink?

Is the cable pushed all the way in? Pull it out, rub the metal parts briefly with a touch of glass leaner and a clean rag, dry it and push it all the way in.

How did you get from the 1/4" plug on the player to the 1/8" on the computer’s soundcard?

If there is a headphone connection, then there is usually a volume control. Where is that set? My vote is 3:00 PM (1500).


When I record through Line-In (never used an interface) I try to increase the signal to noise ratio by using any sort of amplifier available:
I recorded from a PlayStation and a Nintendo Family using a “minicomponent” in the mid (not sure how to call it in english).

Analog volume controls should be in the mid or a bit higher, near to the edges they interfere with sound quality.