Line in/ Jack to Jack cable *Recording problem*

So, my problem is that I want to record from my Keyboard (the actual sound coming from it) to my computer.
I have a jack to jack cable, plugged one end to my Keyboard’s sound port and I’ve tried to plug it in my computer’s different ports, Line in ports, sound ports, microphone ports (I know I shouldn’t plug it in there but I don’t know how to do!) yet nothing works.

Every time I try to record, I get the message " Error while opening sound device. Please check the input device settings and the project sample rate".

So, I changed the sample rate so it can match my cable, but it still does not work. Either I still get the Error message, or I just can’t hear anything.

This is how far I got… and I would really appreciate a little help on how to proceed to record the sound I want!

Thank you!

Does the cable look like this?

Those are 1/8", so they’re tiny.

If so, plug your headphones or earbuds into the keyboard instead of the cable. You should hear the performance with no trouble. If you don’t hear the performance, then there’s nothing leaving the keyboard.


Well yes, it does look like this cable, however, what I want to do is not hear my keyboard alone, I want to record it onto my computer, and not with a MIDI file (I can alread do that, but MIDI files do not provide the exact sound of the keyboard).

Only the line-in of the computer is suitable. Choose line-in in Device Toolbar ( ) . Click Transport > Software Playthrough in Audacity so you can hear what you are recording.

if you still get “error opening sound device” try this link .

If your keyboard has a headphones jack separate from line-out then you don’t need Software Playthrough.


I understand all that. I was asking you to plug your earbuds into the keyboard connection to make sure there was anything coming out. It’s a diagnostic test.

The MIDI connection is “playing” the software keyboard simulator inside your computer. That’s why it doesn’t sound anything like your real keyboard.


It still does not work, I have tried your links…
I am not even sure where is my Line In port, but i’ve tried them all and none worked.
My keyboard has two sound port for the sound. I tried connecting these ports to my computer to all sorts of ports.
I tried changing audacity’s settings as proposed, and I guess it’s useless!
Maybe I bought the wrong cable?

It’s no good trying all sorts of ports, it is better to look at the keyboard and computer manuals to see what ports you have.

If you have a cable like Koz showed, and it is not broken, it should be suitable for connecting to the computer line-in. The Line-in should be coloured blue, if you have one.

Tell us what version of Windows you are on, for example, Vista. Open Help > Audio Device Info… in Audacity, right-click > Select All, right-click > Copy then paste that information here.