Lil Help or pointed in the right direction please

Is this a forum where someone could help with a small 93sec file, its not for fun it’s about my safety. I put the details below about what it is. Any help or told where I could find help would be greatly appreciated.

I have 93 seconds of audio that was cut from about 5min of audio that I set to record in my new apartment I just moved into and its not a bad area but its not the nicest. Someone had there place walked into while they went out front to smoke so i figured Id run audio when I chat out front, I removed the audio from when I left the apartment and when I entered it again, the 93 seconds is just the time I was gone. Im not the most skilled at Audacity but can make out what clearly sounds like “hes gone and stuff moving around”, if you could point me to the correct forum where people could help enhance that small part of audio, I really need to know if Its so bad here I cant leave for 5minutes without locking the door.

Download link to Audio file in MP3 format, its 1.5mb and used a free upload site. Can email it if you prefer.

Thank You

We don’t help with covert surveillance recordings or recordings that are required for court testimony. Use your favourite search engine to look for “audio forensics” and contact your solicitor and law enforcement if you have concerns.


I left my old phone on sitting on my kitchen counter in my apartment while I went out front of the apartment complex, thats not illegal, just took a video in my kitchen.

We are not commenting on whether what you did was legal or otherwise. Please contact a qualified audio forensics specialist for help, because only recordings processed by such a specialist will be legally admissible.

If you have any concerns for your personal safety, please contact law enforcement.


All I hear, [and see on the spectrogram], is a ticking-clock & road-traffic , no voices …
Audacity spectrogram of ''Full Audio 10-10-16 Midnight Audio FIle Recording While I left my APT for Security Purposes''.png
I think it’s a case of audio-pareidolia : where noise is misinterpreted as voices.
[ The audio-equivalent of Rorschach ink blots : where people see images in random blobs ]

Usually it’s a husband thinking the recording of noise is evidence that their wife is cheating.

Nothing was taken far as I can tell. Thanks Trebor. Does sound a lil better with the 35mb AIF, Im still interested in learning more about Audacity and will take a look. Thanks for the fast response guys.

And that is another example of a recording for legal purposes that we won’t touch.

If you are concerned, go to law enforcement and give them the undoctored recording.