Licensing-Sorry, I dont know where to put this

Hi Developers,

I apologise if theres a better place to put this, I guess you dont get too many licensing enquiries…

Theres a guy in New Zealand who makes a fine profit of your work, and although audacity is indeed free, according to the licensing page anyone selling it has to also state it is available for free download.

Theres a bunch of auctions on NZ’s premiere auction site TradeMe like this:

But none of these parasites actually state about it being for free download, and I think that sucks. Its rude enough that people like this would benefit off your hard work in the first place, but they should at least stick to the rules. Heres all this guys listings:

Ive made a couple of complaints to the wesite operators but its falling on deaf ears. Maybe some of you more official guys could lean on them and get him to adhere to the license? Freakin parasite.

Theres “contact us” links and “report this listing” on every trademe page. Hopefully you guys think its as wrong as it seems to me.

Cheers all,
I’ll be back…

Quote from his listing:

This Software is distributed under the terms of the GNU Public Licence. Please check out pics for more info regarding this licence.

That might be all you need to do, legally.

Hi there sorry for the delay in responding.

Im bringing this up again because hes at it again. If you see here it says

For those who wish to resell or distribute Audacity:

If you are reselling Audacity unmodified, your advertising should make it clear that Audacity is available for free on the Internet,

He doesnt actually have any info in his pictures. I just hope someone here reports this leech to the trademe web admins.

If hes gonna live off your work he can at least follow your license agreement