libwx_gtk-2.4 keeping me from compiling!

If anyone knows a workaround, please let me know!

compiling audacity-1.2.6 from source, got wxGTK-2.4.2-5.2.fc4.rf.i386.rpm (along with devel, gl, stc and xrc) from Dries.
at the very last compilation step, I get a whole bunch of undefined references:

g++ -o ../audacity ...[omitting lots of .o's and .a's]... -lwx_gtk-2.4
/usr/lib/ undefined reference to `wxwxListStringNode::~wxwxListStringNode()'
/usr/lib/ undefined reference to `wxwxMenuItemListNode::~wxwxMenuItemListNode()'
/usr/lib/ undefined reference to `wxwxMenuItemListNode::~wxwxMenuItemListNode()'
/usr/lib/ undefined reference to `vtable for wxFileProto'
/usr/lib/ undefined reference to `wxwxListStringNode::~wxwxListStringNode()'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make[1]: *** [../audacity] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/tmp/audacity-src-1.2.6/src'
make: *** [audacity] Error 2

my system is FC4 on a pentium III, and I’m compiling because I need to be able to mix mp3’s



well, it looks like a case of RTFM:

there is a tiny, tiny link regarding gcc4 under “wxwidgets, step 2” that provides two patches for the wx_gtk source code. after I did that, then audacity compiled just fine.

the only problem now is that none of the gui elements show up on the window when I open audacity! All I get is the menu bar and a input selection pull-down menu. I’ll re-post with the new problem.

uh, double never-mind.

wiped out the folder with audacity in it, untarred the source tarball again and compiled again from scratch (after having the patched wxgtk-2.4.2 installed).

works like a charm. multiple recompilings in the same directory must have overlooked all the images for the gui.

I thought I would be able to sort myself out with the guidance from the two preceding posts - I have downloaded the two patches referred to in the note to and put them in their own directory, but I’m at a loss to know how to apply them. Can anyone give guidance please? I really do need to get Audacity v1.2.6 working on my main box - I have a weekly job (extracting the sermon from a recording of the service at our church, so I can upload the mp3 of the sermon to the church web site) to do which needs v1.2.6; v1.3.9 gives me grief…

Thanks in advance for any help you can give


I really would suggest that you forget about compiling Audacity 1.2.6. If you are using a modern version of Linux you are likely to have system libraries installed that are too new.

Start a new topic and call it something like “how do I compile Audacity on …(name and version of your Linux ditro)”
Then cross your fingers and hope that someone can help.