~/Library/Application Support/audacity/Plug-Ins [SOLVED]

Hi Folks,

I downloaded Audacity 2.3.0 for Mac. I really need a noise gate, so I attempted to download and install the Nyquist noise gate. First, the directory ~/Library/Application Support/audacity/Plug-Ins was not created during the installation. Second, after manually creating the directory and moving the plug-in file there, the plug-in manager couldn’t fine it. What is going on?


Are you sure you went to ~/Library/Application Support/audacity and not /Library/Application Support/audacity. There is a difference. If you have no audacity folder in Application Support/ after launching Audacity, you are probably looking in the wrong place.
– Bill

That tiny squiggly line (~) at the front of the address is a big deal. It has special meaning to Macs and Linux.


Hi Guys,

I have it in the correct folder, but there are a couple of more issues: 1) My Mac insists on keeping a “txt” extension to the filename, so it appears as “Noisegate.ny.txt”; 2) Other plug-ins seem to be on the path “/Applications/Audacity.app/Contents/plug-ins”, so I’m wondering if the path in the instructions is wrong.

FYI, I’m planning a migration to Linux, so now may be the time.

Thanks! You are right! I forgot that and stumbled into the wrong path. I’ve corrected that and put the file in the specified folder. But, I still can’t get Audacity to load it.

Thanks! Very true! I’m just a bit rusty on my Unix/BSD/Linux path usage.

Thank Apple for that :imp:
The filename for a Nyquist plug-in MUST end in exactly “.ny”. If it ends in “.ny.txt” then it will not work.

I got it working, Thanks for the help! I was finally able to remove the “txt” extension by right-clicking on the filename in Finder and removing the “txt” by selecting “Get Info” and changing the filename in the info box.