Lexicon Alpha recording interface

Hey all, I can’t get audacity to recognize and pick up a signal from my lexicon alpha usb recording interface, any help?

The first thing to do while troubleshooting is to try using a different piece of software to record with. If you use Windows, there’s an app called Windows Sound Recorder. If that works, then your problem is with Audacity’s setup, if it doesn’t then your problem is with the OS’s setup.

Ideally you should just be able to plug it in, install any drivers (if needed), and then open Audacity and click edit → preferences → audio i/o. Here you should select the Lexicon device from the list of available recording devices and it should work.

Nope, it doesn’t work with the windows sound recorder either. I checked and my drivers are installed properly for the Lexicon, but when I go to audacity it doesn’t show lexicon under edit → preferences → audio i/o.

<<<doesn’t work with the windows sound recorder either>>>

Are we fudging the “Requirements” section of the instructions? If you’re on Vista and the device’s system requirement document doesn’t say Vista, you lose. Anything else like that will kill you. Processor speed, memory requirement, upgrade status. Anything like that can cause Windows not to recognize an audio device.

If you go into Windows > Properties > Hardware, does your device show up there with an “OK” next to it, or does it have a yellow “!” or maybe doesn’t appear at all?

Audacity is standing on Windows Sound Services. If Windows can’t find it, Audacity can’t find it.


Nope, its showing up just fine in hardware, thats what is so odd.

I think it may have something to do with the fact that I fried my computers old sound card, so I installed a sound blaster audigy, because Audacity shows that under audio i/o.

And I am using XP btw.


You could try going into the Windows Control Panel and from the “Classic View” select “Sounds and Audio Devices”.
Go to the “Audio” tab and select the lexicon alpha as your recording device. If this option is not available then Windows is not aware that it is a recording device and it will not work (possibly requiring a different driver to be installed?)

Assuming that you have successfully selected the lexicon alpha as the default recording device for Windows (don’t forget to click “Apply”), go back to Audacity and in “Edit > Preferences > Audio I/O” select “Microsoft Sound Mapper Input” as the recording device.

So I had this problem and the fix was simple. Change the recording frequency in the settings for the Lexicon Alpha device settings.

After that it worked fine.