leveling L & R input

I cannot find this possibility in program, manual and forum.
Would want to use it while recording.
Can only find it as correction feature as part of ‘normalise’ but wonder if that’s really doing the job.
Am on Windows 10 and 3.0.0 (meanwhile 3.0.2) fwiw.

Audacity doesn’t apply effects, filters, or corrections during recording.

What’s the show? What are you recording that’s out of stereo balance?


correction feature as part of ‘normalise’ but wonder if that’s really doing the job.

Normalize is not a second-by-second processor. It works on an overall average and makes one correction. If your show is constantly changing you may need much more serious processing.

Also a problem if the job isn’t really “stereo.” Left and Right of one performance.


Source audio is stereo music.
The filters etc are applied after the ‘recording’. Or is it’s ripping? Grabbing?

Ripping is where you achieve a sound or other performance file quickly typically taking far less time than the duration of the performance. There are software packages that allow “ripping” of CDs, DVDs, and Youtube content.

Recording is creating a permanent record of a performance in real time. Five minutes into the recording, you’re five minutes into the performance.

We still haven’t quite reached what you’re recording. If you’re using a computer microphone or laptop external connection, it’s a good bet you’re going through the computer’s voice processing. This is a serious problem if you use Skype or Zoom. Voice Processing hates music.

So more information would be good.


The filters etc are applied after the ‘recording’. Or is it’s ripping? Grabbing?

Audacity only applies filters after recording. But Windows does have those “voice processing enhancements” that can mess-up the audio before it gets to Audacity.

Source audio is stereo music.

Vinyl records? Cassette tapes? etc.?

How bad is it? Does it sound out-ot-balance or are you just seeing it on the waveforms/meters?

Is it just one recording or is there something wrong with your setup?

A slight imbalance can be normal (especially for analog) and it can be fixed. But the peaks don’t correlate well with loudness so making the waveforms look equal may not make the sound balanced and it could make it worse.

If one side is super weak it’s probably also bad quality and it might be better to make a mono file (which will play out of both speakers) and maybe just kill the low-quality channel.

If you Normalize independently that will match the peaks and it might fix the problem.

Or you can Loudness Normalize independently. But Loudness Normalization gives you unpredictable peaks so you can end-up with clipping (or a file that’s too quiet) so after Loudness Normalizing it’s a good idea to regular-normalize non-independently before you export.

Tks for the response!

I’m no regular user of the prog. It’s just one project. Phenomenon is the same with all discs (MD’s!) so probably the set up (but they all are recorded with same device as well) Exchanged what I could which were player and cable. Not laptop which also couldn’t be switched to line input so using lowest gain.
It’s pretty marginal and only noticeable in the bar. Fact that I couldn’t find how to adapt it made me think I was overlooking it.
By the way: MME is OK as setting for what I’m doing isn’t it? It’s nothing special. Files will eventually end up as mp3’s…
Gee, I only now realise: how can I have individual patterns in L & R while being on the mic input which I would suppose to be monaural?

I’m reassured, the recording is stereo which was already likely as I had the imbalance. And had been working with headphones so I would probably have detected monaural sound).

So if you are using the mic input, you may find you will get better results using an external USB device such as the Behringer UCA 202 or 222.

Thank you!
The mic input is good enough. Happy that it’s stereo switching. Put the sensitivity at the lowest.
Still it’s stupid! It annoys me most that Sony never made it possible to move MD recordings to the computer. (for everybody)
They were thinking they had to act as policemen… Fortunately I have never bought any Sony device since those times…