Level of playback / recording linked unexpected [SOLVED]

with Audacity 2.1.2 on Winwows 10 I have this effect:
Recording from Adobe flash as input source via Stereomix (Realtek) , output directed to Speaker Headphones.
I am able to use the slider for ouput level in the Audacity panel (not grayed out). When I move it, the master volume slider for Speaker Headphones in microsoft sound mixer moves synchronously and vv. However, moving the master volume slider in microsoft sound mixer also moves the output volume control of the flash player channel synchronously. So by this, altering the output level in Audacity, the level of input for recoring is changed. To be able to have a decend recording volume, the output must be tured up so load, that for example I cannot use my in-ear phones.
So : Is there a way to depouple the sliders in the microsoft sound control?
Or is it possible to have Audacity as a sound device next to Speaker Headphones and then somehow connect Adobe Flash to it?


vv = vice-versa? If so that is correct, if you have Speakers Headphones selected as Audacity playback device in Device Toolbar.

If you mean in Volume Mixer, that is correct. They are both outputs. If you turn an application slider up above the master output level, the sliders will link.

Have you got the volume turned up in the browser player?

The solution is probably to use Windows WASAPI loopback instead: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/tutorial_recording_computer_playback_on_windows.html#wasapi. That usually records at a fixed moderate level regardless if you can hear what you are recording.

Or download the video if it’s a popular site like YouTube. Use your favourite search engine to find out how. Then install FFmpeg and drag the video into Audacity. At that point you will have a copy of the video’s audio as good or bad as it is in the video.

Audacity already is in Volume Mixer once it’s playing audio, but as an output device.


Hi Gale,

thanks for the detailed answer. Using ffmpeg after downloading the source works - no immediate recording required anymore! I have a feeling that the audio quality is even better than recording from what flash payer delivers… And still I can’t get over the fact, that in windows the mixer output level cannot be adjusted independently from source channels. However, problem solved, thanks a lot!