letter s

Hello! as I can eliminate sound very pronounced the letter s in a recording?
thanks you!

That’s sibilance, usually caused by a bad microphone or microphone amplifier and system. There is software to help with that and I’m looking for it.

You should find why the sound is broken and fix it.



Here it is. Effect > DeEsser.


There’s a de-esser here:
Note that there are two plugins: DeClicker and DeEsser. You want the DeEsser.

Be sure to read the first couple of pages of that thread, which includes installation instructions and some feedback on using it.

– Bill

I couldn’t remember where we stuck the plugins. Or the Plugs-In. Anything wrong with the built-in one?


Which built-in de-esser?
– Bill

Audacity 2.0.5 has a built-in DeEsser, or at least that’s how it appears. I’ve never needed a de-esser so I would not have installed it separate.

Nope. It’s not in the other 2.0.5 install, so I must have put it there for some reason.