Leslie Sound Effect

I’m looking into making a Leslie sound effect. It seems easy enough, but does anyone have an idea of the sound parameters?

spin.ny … Binaural spin effect

rjh-stereo-tool.ny … Karaoke, Rotation, Panning & more

Devicer VST … https://youtu.be/W3vDbb9zeOk?t=297

Thank you so much! Very Helpful.

Okay, so this has me curious. Maybe a feature to add on. Hear the effect on the instrument before you record it. Still really helpful.

Hear the effect on the instrument before you record it.

Audacity doesn’t apply effects, filters, or corrections during recording. There are some effects that have preview, but they tend to be built-in effects, not third party add-ons.

Obsessive Engineer has a comment about Leslie. It’s not one effect. Most of the cabinet is a bass-reflex with the bass speaker pointing down into a rotating “scoop.” The scoop creates a low throbbing wom wom wom sound. The treble speaker is a rapidly spinning dual-horn system near the top and that rapidly pulsating sound is the one that many people associate with Leslie.

Scene shifts to the organ console which has a Leslie control switch that allows shifting between Slow Leslie (Chorale) and Rapid Leslie (Tremolo). There is at least one pop song that features a Leslie changing speeds during the song.

Do-It-Yourselfers will find that it’s possible to change the drive belts, pulleys, and speeds for both motors with the unit off giving you even more musical variations


I was looking for the original pop song, but that will do. Booker-T Tiny Desk Concert (no MGs).



…And when used live it bounces the “moving sound” off the walls and around the room in ways that can’t be reproduced in regular stereo (or simulated with a stereo effect). But still, there were lots of recordings made with it.

Probably the one and only time wall reflections work to the advantage of the music.


Well, there are actually two other uses I can think of:

  1. Add depth to an otherwise very dry sound.

  2. Reverb can also bring out the harmonics in sounds due to the distance
    versus wavelength of higher frequencies.

Of course this does not mean one should record in a bathroom… :smiley: